“Sink or Swing” – My new book, coming to Amazon in October!

Sink or Swing:"Sink or Swing" cover
Working Out When Life Isn’t Working Out

My new book is slated for release on Amazon Kindle in late October.

Perseverance. As chronicled in my first book, Work Out, Pig Out,” I tried nearly a dozen workout plans throughout 2014. Those experiences led me to working through one specific program in 2015, dubbed “40 Days + 10,000 Swings.”

Too bad life kept getting in the way.

Read “Sink or Swing” to find out just how it all went down.

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Dan John is heading back to Chicagoland this weekend

Dan John is coming back to Burr Ridge Kettlebell Club this weekend!

I just got a note from Paul Lyngso about when we need to arrive on Saturday morning so I’m really looking forward to it.

Dan has a new book out called “Can You Go,” and I started reading it last night. It’s more focused on coaches and trainers and how they can help their clients. Like most of Dan’s books, though, there’s enough general info that anyone interested in fitness can find useful, myself included.

It starts with a few basic assessments like measuring your waist, standing on one foot, and getting up and down off the ground. They sound deceptively simple but there’s a method to his madness and they can be done on your own without too much pain. I’m going to try them out before the workshop so I hope I pass!

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My first podcast interview – Order of Man

My very first podcast interview went live today at Order of Man.


Ryan and I talked about my book, “Work Out, Pig Out,” various workouts and diets (including my thoughts on Paleo), and wrapped things up with my take on what it means to be a man (a special shout out to my dad).

Help me beat Dr. Phil! – “Work Out, Pig Out” Launch Update – Day 3

Help me beat Dr. Phil!

I’m #5 in two categories, right behind him. The book is only $.99 so download yours now.

If you’ve already grabbed your copy, thank you! I hope you’re enjoying it so far. If you wouldn’t mind leaving a review on Amazon, I’d really appreciate it.

Also, make sure you check out the link to the bonus recipes at the end of the book. They are so pig out-worthy!

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“Work Out, Pig Out” – Available NOW on Amazon Kindle!

Work Out, Pig Out:Work Out Pig Out 3D Cover

A Year of Losing Fat, Gaining Muscle, and Eating Lots of Ice Cream

Available NOW on Amazon Kindle!

It’s a monthly chronicle of over a dozen diet and workout plans I explored throughout 2014, the highs and lows, and all the ice cream in between.

Get Your Copy of “Work Out, Pig Out”

Vacation – All I Ever Wanted (Club Med Turkoise Edition)

After completing my 40-Day Workout plan between February 16 and April 16, I was ready for a break, both mentally and physically. The daily grind of morning cardio, my crazy busy job, then a workout over lunch to break up the day, was wearing on me something fierce by the end.

Add in the physical toll from my ill-advised, five-week experiment with 250 daily swings with ever heavier kettlebells (32kg, 36kg, 40kg – when Dan John suggests using 24kg, use 24kg) and throw in some family issues towards the end (sure, why not?), and my wife and I were ready to leave Chicago for the beaches of Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos.

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Back into the groove with Fire Nation

I must apologize for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been busy writing my first Kindle book this month. After pounding out 29,000 words over the course of a week the real work of editing came into play.

Plus, I got sick just in time for the New Year and was down with a hacking cough for two weeks. There must be something in the Florida air that mixes into a noxious brew once I get back to Chicago as the same thing happened after our Labor Day trip.

Not fun.

I have some great posts lined up and will be getting them online this weekend.

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Home Gym Workout – Kettlebells & Deadlifts #16

Home Gym Workout – Kettlebells & Deadlifts #16

6:15 P.M.

Simple & Sinister Warmup
Goblet Squats – 5 x 16kg
Hip Bridges – 5
Pumps – 5
Halos – 5L & 5R x 16kg
Three rounds total

Workout A
Deadlifts – 375 x 2 (5:00 rest after warmup of 185 x 5, 275 x 5, 345 x 3)

Bench – 225 x 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1 (:15 work/:30 rest) (warmup of 135 x 5, 185 x 3, 205 x 3)

Pullups – 3, 3, 3 sets (2:00 rest)

35:35 total time

Finally up to bodyweight on bench and figured I’d just do as much as I can with that weight. Singles were enough tonight.

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