Vacation – All I Ever Wanted (Club Med Turkoise Edition)

After completing my 40-Day Workout plan between February 16 and April 16, I was ready for a break, both mentally and physically. The daily grind of morning cardio, my crazy busy job, then a workout over lunch to break up the day, was wearing on me something fierce by the end.

Add in the physical toll from my ill-advised, five-week experiment with 250 daily swings with ever heavier kettlebells (32kg, 36kg, 40kg – when Dan John suggests using 24kg, use 24kg) and throw in some family issues towards the end (sure, why not?), and my wife and I were ready to leave Chicago for the beaches of Grace Bay, Turks & Caicos.

The last time we went to Club Med Turkoise in July 2013, I didn’t work out at all the whole week. I’d been dieting to lose all the excess flab from my BRATTY diet after a disastrous trip to Mexico earlier that spring. I landed in Provo weighing a svelte 209 and came home a week later weighing around 237 due to the delicious white chocolate bread.

This time I hadn’t dieted down and was at the heaviest I’ve ever been for the Caribbean – 224 pounds. I’d added muscle over the last six months or so from all the deadlifting and kettlebells so I didn’t really care. I just wanted to relax and sail the Hobie cats, snorkel the reefs, and just chill in the blue-green water.

We arrived on a Friday afternoon and settled into the warmth of the sun and sand, quite the stark contrast to the cold and snow in Chicago. We actually took our workout clothes with the plan to work out three times over the week. We were even good about getting to the gym first thing Sunday morning. I did some treadmill walking along with a few minutes of rowing. My wife did an improvised circuit with some free weights. Then we went for a long walk to explore the beach.

Then we ate, and sailed, and snorkeled, and swam. Then ate some more, and drank some Turks Amber, and ate some more.

And never hit the gym again.

We were too busy relaxing and enjoying the break from work and reality.

And I only gained about nine pounds, dropping five pounds of that in the first few days back.

Sometimes you just need a break.

The best way to do that is to plan your workouts around your vacations. Then go and enjoy yourself. Don’t beat yourself up about not working out. You’ll have plenty of time for that when you get back to your normal life.

Until then, the beach beckons.

Heed the call.