About Me

A few days after New Year’s Day 2012, I was literally standing in a line at the gym waiting to use About Chadthe squat rack, all while some Resolution Wannabe was building up the Gun Show.

At that point I knew this would be the last year I’d wait in line while some clown was using the squat rack for oh so dangerous curls with 10# plates. My wife and I were going to be moving over the coming summer and my main criteria for where would be a place I could put in a home gym.

Fast forward six months  and we were living in a townhouse on the Northwest side of Chicago and I had a space for my gym. A few months later I had all the pieces in place – squat rack, flat bench, barbells, 300# of weight plates and bumpers, dip station, chin up bars, treadmill – and now the only time I step foot in a regular gym is when we’re out of town. Along the way I’ve added kettlebells and straps to the mix.

I went all out as I’d been saving for a while in anticipation of that moment but you can start with something as simple as a jump rope and add in bodyweight exercises. I’ll show you different options of how to build a home gym depending on your budget and show you where to splurge and where you can save. I’ve also tried various workouts and diets since I started training in 1998 and will give you some ideas of what might work, and what might not work.