Maffetone Two-Week Test – My Results

Today I wound down the Maffetone Two-Week Test. Not sure if it really did that much for me as I don’t think I’m really insulin resistant. More likely I just need to stop eating crap carbs – donuts, bagels, waffles, basically junk – and also keep on working out.

I lost about a 1/2″ on my belly along with a few pounds in the two weeks. My shoulder has improved but that may have been from getting back to working out and doing some Original Strength moves. The much-touted drop in blood pressure didn’t really happen for me, but I think mine is due to heredity than anything else. I may also be snoring less as I haven’t heard my wife complain lately. Guess that’s worth it then.

I’d fallen off the health wagon when we went to Jamaica back in July. I’d just done 10 weeks of workouts – the 40 Day Workout done four days per week – and needed a break. I figured I’d eat whatever I wanted while on vacation and not work out while we were there, aside from the swimming and snorkeling and walking on the beach.

I figured I’d extend it for another week after that since my shoulder issue had flared up the last week leading up to the trip. I was tired and forced a kettlebell press and it was still nagging me. Then I banged it up again unloading a speaker from my car after my last DJ gig on August 8th.

The following week turned into hell when my planned trip home to see my dad for his birthday ended up being the week he died. I’d taken kettlebells with me but never had the motivation to use them.

The whole 12 days I was back in Iowa I was eating breakfast at the hotel – biscuits and gravy, waffles with syrup and whipped cream, really bad danishes, a lot of coffee and cream. Lunch and dinner were pulled pork sandwiches from Grinders Spaghetti House or whatever my sister fixed at the house. And I’d sneak in donuts and cookies and granola throughout the day as they were sitting around the kitchen. If it’s in my sight I usually eat it.

I was sleeping okay but just not doing any other exercise. And I was stressed out to say the least, though most mornings began with a beautiful sunrise out my hotel window. Somehow I got lucky and had a room with an east view. They were spectacular.

Even getting back to Chicago wasn’t enough to break the spell of crap carbs. With the grocery store within easy walking distance, I could stop there at night and grab a four-pack of donuts from earlier in the day for the whopping price of $1.00. Oops.

Yes, the fattening process was all self-imposed. Like I wrote earlier, though, I drown my sorrows in chocolate frosted donuts rather than alcohol.

The Two-Week Test has been good for getting me to eat more veggies. Over the weekend, I pounded a 12 oz. bag of broccoli and cauliflower along with a 12 oz. bag of brussel sprouts. Slathered with butter they tasted really good.

Monday night I repeated that with spinach instead of the brussel sprouts and added in some olive oil and Aztec Sea Salt. Round out the mix with some raw carrots throughout the day and I might be close to getting in 10 servings of colorful veggies. Wednesday was the same except for mixed veggies instead of broccoli. I was not hungry afterwards.

And I haven’t had any donuts in two weeks. I’d really like an apple and maybe some sweet potatoes. I’ll add those back in next week and see how it works out.