Rogue Kettlebells – New Home Gym Gear

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New Gear Day – Rogue Kettlebells – 32kg & 24kg


New Gear Day – Rogue Kettlebells – 32kg & 24kg – basking in the Florida sun!

With the number of times we visit my wife’s family in Florida each year I finally broke down and had some kettlebells shipped to their house leading up to our Christmas visit. Once you’ve worked out in your own well-equipped home gym it’s tough to go down to the local L.A. Fitness, though we always end up there anyway.

Plus, I tend to eat quite a bit more than usual as her mom is always cooking up awesome food so it’s a nice bonus to wake up and grab a kettlebell for a quick workout while my wife is getting ready.

Her dad about freaked out when UPS dropped them off a few days before we got there and he tried to move them from the doorstep to the garage. I’d only warned her mom that a couple of “heavy” packages would be coming but I didn’t exactly specify 53# and 70#. Oops.

They come packaged really well as their double-boxed in heavy cardboard with styrofoam inserts around the handles.


New Gear Day – Rogue 32kg & 24kg kettlebells.


China vs. America – Face-off!

These are some of the cheaper, yet quality, Chinese kettlebells you can get and I was interested in comparing them to my American-made Art of Strength/Punch ones. The Punch kettlebells have a nice, smooth finish to the handle whereas the Rogue bells have more of a tacky, matte finish to them. It wasn’t anything bad, just different. It might actually help a bit during longer sets when you’re hands get sweaty but I didn’t do any longform workouts to try that out.


Rogue Kettlebells – ready for a holiday workout by the pool – 75 degrees and sunny!

I started off with a basic Simple & Sinister workout in the backyard by the pool. Gotta love being able to get in an outdoor workout right before Christmas!

Simple & Sinister Workout
Goblet Squats – 5 x 24kg
Hip Bridges – 5
Pumps – 5
Halos – 5L & 5R x 24kg
Three rounds total

Two-Handed Swings
10 x 10 @ 32kg
:15 on / :30 rest

Turkish Getup
1L & 1R @ 24kg
4L & 4R @ 32kg

Not a bad workout though the halos with 24kg were tougher than expected. It’s just a warmup but I had to make do with the available bells. The swings weren’t too bad with the compressed rest periods. Guessing I could probably come close to the 100 reps in 5:00 with the 24kg once I start Simple & Sinister in January.

Being outside in the grass I decided to test my mettle on 32kg TGUs after easily putting up a rep per side with the 24kg. I had to focus more with the 32kg but it was about the same difficulty that I remember when I moved from 16kg to 24kg.

I’m planning on taking a break for a week between Christmas and New Year’s and then start into Simple & Sinister. I’ll see how things go with the 24kg for the first week but I’m pretty sure I’ll hit the time goals with that bell by the end of the week.