Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss Diet – My review

In 2010, I got fat.

OK, maybe not quite as fat as I’d gotten in 2008, but close.

In 2008 I was barely a year into barbell lifting and following Mark Rippetoe’s Starting Strength program as well as StrongLifts 5 x 5. With chasing ever heavier squats I was doing the GOMAD (Gallon of Milk a Day) program and ramping my body up to a record weight of 252 pounds.

Like many Americans, I lost my job later that fall. Unlike many Americans, I used my unemployment time to get in the best shape of my life, up to that point. Working out with self-directed CrossFit metcons and barbell work mixed with intermittent fasting, I dropped down to around 211 pounds and felt great, thought my girlfriend (now wife) thought I looked too skinny. It wouldn’t be the last time I’d hear that complaint.

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New Dan John Book Release – “Fat Loss Happens on Monday”

Black Friday brings the release of “Fat Loss Happens on Monday” which is the latest release by Josh Hillis and Dan John, focusing on the real-world phenomenon of new diets always starting on Mondays.


There are a few ways to pre-order now:

1. The basic Kindle/eBook version on Amazon


2. The full-blown release straight from the publisher, On Target Publications.

On Target bundles the book in a bonus package with:
-Softcover print version
-Ebook files, including PDF, mobi for Kindle and epub for other readers
-Audio book files, including M4b for iTunes and mp3 chapter files
-Publisher’s Bonus material via instant download, INCLUDING:
-Fighter Workouts for Fat Loss (PDF files) – Normally $7.98 on Amazon
-Josh Hillis’ Platinum Coaching Club Workouts (PDF files)
-Josh Hillis Lecture Files: Food Journal Session, Context Mindset, Calories & Protein & Measuring -Progress (MP3 audio files) – Normally $7.95 on
-Dan John’s Goal Setting Lecture (audio mp3 & transcript PDF) – Normally $3.95 on

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Dan John’s 40-Day Workout – My Results

Easy Strength and the 40-Day Workout


Dan John’s signature in my copy of “Intervention.”

I’m a sucker for plug-and-play strength programs where I just show up in my own home gym and do the workout as written on the page. Dan John has a great program that Pavel Tsatsouline gave him years ago called “The 40-Day Workout.” It’s basically the same five movements done for 40 consecutive workouts, varying the load and intensity from workout to workout.

Dan’s site has a complete explanation if you want more of the nuts and bolts. Earlier this year, an enterprising follower of Dan’s named Eric Tiarks made a research project out of it. Eric took a scientific approach to the load and intensity, taking much of the variability and guesswork out of it, making it even more plug-and-play than the original version. My kind of thinking.

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