Strength Cardio – Loaded Carries

With summer in full swing in Chicago, I jump at any chance to workout in the fresh air. I love having a home gym, but it’s not always where I want to be.

After yesterday’s deadlift session, I figured some light cardio would be good to stretch things out. The treadmill in the basement would have been easy, but the sun was out, so there was no sense wasting the opportunity. Even though it was only 9:30 A.M., the Wunderground app said it was 84 degrees with a heat index of 94.

Dan John is a big proponent of loaded carries. They’re easy to do and hit just about every part of your body. My favorite version is to grab a kettlebell or two and walk for a minute and then rest for 30 seconds. I turn around and go for another minute, resting 30 seconds at the end. By that point, three minutes have gone by, and I repeat nine more rounds of up and back.

I strapped on my Pear heart rate monitor, started the app, grabbed a single 24 kg kettlebell and got to it. I was a bit sore from deadlifts, but it felt good to be outside. I warmed up quickly in the heat. The return trip each round had me in direct sunlight, so it was nice to be in the shade during each rest period.

After three rounds, I counted down the next seven. After five rounds, I knew I was half way done. After seven rounds, the app had paused itself just before the return trip, so I got an extra bonus of 90 seconds of rest in the shade. I peeked over the fence to see if our neighbor’s duck was out and about but he was still sleeping.

After the last return trip, my 30 minutes were up. I was ready to cool down and head back inside for a cool drink.

Loaded carries

10 rounds w/ 24kg kettlebell

1:00 work/:30 rest (L&R)

30:00 total time