What Home Gym Equipment I Use

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Here’s a list of the equipment I currently use in my own home gym.

Rogue S-3 Squat Rack

Being 6’4″ I really wanted a squat rack I could attach a pullup bar to at the top and not have to bend my knees while doing dead-hang pullups off the Skinny/Fat Bar. As we live in the city, we rent so I needed something that would be stable without being bolted to the ground, so that nixed any kind of power rack. Plus, with super high ceilings in our basement utility room I could afford the 110″ of height needed for the S-3 squat rack.

I also have the following attachments:
Rogue Flat Utility Bench
Rogue Matador dip attachment
Safety spotter arms

Fitness Gear Weight Plates

2 – 45#
2 – 35#
2 – 25#
2 – 10#
4 – 5#
2 – 2.5#

These were cheap and came as a complete set with a barbell. The barbell itself had terrible knurling and was only safety rated up to 300# so I ditched it as soon as I could afford the B&R Bar listed below. Safety comes first so if you’re getting close to loading it up all the way. Do yourself a favor and get a new bar ASAP.

Burgener & Rippetoe Men’s Barbell
This is an awesome bar and well worth the initial investment. Not as fancy as some bearing OLY bars but good enough for the slow lifts that Rippetoe’s Starting Strength program is based around.

Hi-Temp Bumper Plates
I have a pair each of 10# and 15# since I was initially using them to learn OLY lifting but have since made them a staple for deadlifts. They’re bigger than the Fitness Gear plates so provide a nice cushion when dropping the bar on deads. Planning on getting a pair of 45# at some point, too. American made as a bonus.

Iron Woody Pullup Bands
Originally bought these to help with high rep pullups but ditched that plan after one of Dan John’s workshops. Now I just do lots of low-rep pullup/chinup sets instead of max efforts. The bands will come in handy down the road for advanced deadlift and squat work.

Iron Woody Fractional Plates
These are great for presses as they go down to 1/4#. Every little bit extra helps when you’re trying to add weight to presses.

Art of Strength Kettlebells
American made with a smooth finish. Also accepts a Kettlebell Buddy – a 4kg plate that screws in the bottom of each bell. I have pairs of 12kg, 16kg, 24kg, 32kg so the Buddy helps with the in-between jumps.

Horse Stall Mats – 4’x6′
I got six of these at Traktor Supply Company and tripled up layers under the squat rack so I have an 8’x6′ workout area. Figured I’d have more room down the road at some point and since they’re 100# each I might as well buy once, cry once.

Iron Mind Weight Belt
Great for attaching plates or kettlebells for dips and pullups.

Fitness Gear Weight Tree
Better than just leaning weights against the wall.

Trimline HR360 Treadmill
Great for early morning, no-brainer cardio. The owners of our townhouse left it when they moved so it comes in handy for us.

Pear Heart Rate Monitor
Excellent when it works, annoying when it doesn’t. More on that later.

Comes in super handy when doing multiple sets of kettlebell work.