National Bench Press Day – Even In Your Own Home Gym

If it’s Monday, it must be National Bench Press Day!
Terminator Bench Press
Go to any commercial gym in the U.S. (or heck, probably even the world, for that matter) and Monday is typically bench press day. Why that is has always been a mystery to me even though I have a few theories. For one, most gyms are populated by bodybuilders doing insane body part splits like:

-4-day split
-one bodypart per day
-6-day split
-double split
-triple split

And naturally a bench press is the first part of any of those since the majority of gym goers never do the overhead press anymore. “Whaddya bench?” is a typical ice breaker if you so choose to converse with anyone at the gym. Me, not so much. I always preferred to do my own thing and get in and get out as quickly as possible.

I remember going to the gym and actually having to wait in line to use a flat bench, and it wasn’t even January with all the Resolution Wannabes. No, this was just a typical Monday in your typical gym in the Second City.

Most of the time I’d just finished a set of squats or deadlifts so by the time I finally got a bench to myself I was cooled down enough to where I’d have to do multiple sets of warmups to get a sweat going again. And with being 6’4″ and having a 37″ sleeve I’m not really built to bench anyway so it was even more annoying. Having a big bench has never been my focus and it just happens to be part of the plans I was on.

So to answer the question, I can bench just a bit over bodyweight or around 225#. Not great but I’ve had some shoulder issues in the past that I’m trying to work through.

Even now with my own home gym I still end up doing bench on Monday depending on my program and where I’m at in that particular cycle. And yes, I admit that I did take part in National Bench Press Day today with a set of 5/3/2 bench presses after my deadlifts. At least I didn’t have to wait in line.

Today’s workout:

5:45 PM
Vodka & Pickles Workout #3

10 Swings – 32 kg
5 Goblet Squats – 32kg
Repeated 3x

Workout A
Deadlifts – see below
Bench – 155 x 5, 3, 2
Swings – 2Hand – 10 x 10 – 32kg (:15 on / 1:15 rest)
Pullups – one after each set of swings for a total of 10
Turkish Getup – 5L & 5R – 24 kg

Deadlift cycle – 360 Max
Workout 3: 75% x 1/12 (reps/sets)
:30 rest between sets

48:00 total time