Home Gym Workout – Vodka and Pickles #11

6:00 PM
Vodka & Pickles Workout #11
Cycle C Workout 1

10 Swings – 32 kg
5 Goblet Squats – 32kg
5 Halos L&R – 16kg
Repeated 3x

Workout A
Deadlifts – see below
Bench – 195 x 5, 3, 2
Swings – 2Hand – 10 x 10 – 32kg (:15 on / :50 rest)
Pullups – one after each round of swings for total of 10
Turkish Getup – 5L & 5R – 24 kg

Deadlift cycle – 360 Max
Workout C1 – 255 x 1/15 (reps/sets)
:30 rest between sets

48:00 total time

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Home Gym Workout – Vodka and Pickles

Sanibel Island

Labor Day 2014 on Sanibel Island, Florida.

So I’ve been sick the last couple of weeks after getting back from a glorious vacation to Sanibel Island, Florida. The weather there was sunny and in the 90s all week and then once we got back to Chicago the temps here took a nosedive into the 30s, 40s, and 50s for a few days. Couple that with a stressful return to catching up on all the work that piled up during the vacation and adding to it some weekend wedding DJ gigs and poor nights of sleep along with the sudden urge to go lift something heavy in my home gym and well, you know, it all adds up to a toxic brew of sickness.

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