Home Gym Workout – Vodka and Pickles #10

6:15 PM
Home Gym Workout – Vodka and Pickles #10
Cycle B Workout 5

10 Swings – 32 kg
5 Goblet Squats – 32kg
Repeated 3x

Workout A
Deadlifts – see below
One-Arm Kettlebell Press – 8 x 3 – 20 kg
Double Kettlebell Front Squat – 5 x 5 – 24 kg
Chins – superset 3 reps with each set of DKFS for total of 15
Turkish Getup – 5L & 5R – 24 kg

Deadlift cycle – 360 Max
Workout B5: 315# x 1/6 (reps/sets)
:30 rest between sets

43:48 total time

This workout was draining as it’s the last session of the second round of Vodka and Pickles so a tough set of deadlifts. Add to the fact that I fasted from Sunday night to around Noon today (about 40 hours a la John Romaniello’s Feast/Fast) after a fun weekend of pizza and ice cream. I probably didn’t have enough fuel in my body even with two protein shakes this afternoon. Working out fasted isn’t normally a problem for me but the last few getups at the end weren’t as crisp as usual.

Plus, I’ve worked out every other day for over a week as I’m trying to stay on schedule to finish this workout plan on Halloween and then take a few days off and test a “sort of max” the following week. Had a Kefir and protein powder shake right after the workout and then loaded up two big sweet potatoes and butter along with pork chops. Yum yum!