Globo Gym Workout – Kettlebells & Deadlifts #19

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Globo Gym Workout – Kettlebells & Deadlifts #19


Yes, that’s sunshine, something Chicago hasn’t seen much of the last few months.

10:30 A.M.

Simple & Sinister Warmup
Goblet Squats – 5 x 16kg
Hip Bridges – 5
Pumps – 5
Halos – 5L & 5R x 16kg
Three rounds total

Workout B
Kettlebell Swings – 10R/10L x 5 rounds x 24kg one-handed swings (:15 on / :30 rest)

Turkish Getups – 5L & 5R x 24kg

Snatches – 10R/10L x 5 rounds x 24kg – 100 total (:30 on/1:00 rest)

Neutral Grip Chinups – 3 x 3 sets (2:00 rest)

Waiter Walks – 5 rounds – alt hands – 24kg

So we hit the L.A. Fitness near my in-law’s house and I was hoping they’d let me bring in my new gym toys – 32kg & 24kg kettlebells – but no go on that. Had to search high and low for anything over 5# pink Barbie kettlebells and the gym manager managed to scrounge up a 24kg and a 16kg. Guessing corporate won’t let them buy anything bigger and they only have one of each.

Swings were easy and so I’ll start with that on Simple & Sinister after the New Year and try my hand at 100 swings in 5:00 at the end of the first week. Then I’ll move up to 32kg.

TGU were also pretty easy and I was just doing them more to work the kinks out. Of course one of the trainers came by (female, oddly enough) and commented on them. Then she said I do them the hard way. Hmmm…didn’t know there was any other way.

She proceeded to show me some god-awful “get up off the ground and stand up move” with no rhyme or reason to it. Ouch. I asked if she’d ever heard of Pavel or Gray Cook or Kalos Sthenos and it was all Greek to her. Guess that’s why I don’t let people at globo gyms train me. Impressive that she sort of knew what I was doing, though.

Snatches felt good, too, and I’d worked in some high-pull warmups at the top. Cutting back on rest time didn’t seem to grind me into the ground so that was good.

Finished things off with some 24kg waiter walks around the gym. I’m sure people thought I was a freak but whatever.