Punch Kettlebell – 40kg Bulldog – New Home Gym Gear

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Enter the Bulldog

My newest piece of gym equipment arrived and I’m surprised the UPS guy didn’t suffer a hernia when he unloaded it from the truck.

92 pounds is what the label said thought the Bulldog actually weighs in at 88 pounds or 40kg.

I’ve been doing 250 swings per day since February 16 and started off with a 32kg. I bumped up to 36kg a couple weeks ago and that was even starting to get light but was the biggest I could go with adding a Kettlebell Buddy to the 32kg bell.

Now with the Bulldog in the house I can even go up to 44kg if I want to. From there it would be on to the Beast – a 48kg colossus, but I can’t seem to find where Punch/Art of Strength makes one that size. I’ll just have to see if I can get one of these monsters made for me.

Aside from being a bit dusty it showed no worse for the wear from shipping. My first workout with it went well and oddly my heart rate didn’t seem as high. Maybe it’s from being a weekend and actually getting enough sleep. I played it safe today and just kept to the 10 swings per set. Maybe I need to bump up to sets of 15?